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Show PR Some Love

valentine24It’s that one day of the year you show extra love to friends, family, and significant others. Lovers call it Valentine’s Day, others call it Singles Awareness Day. I see it as a day to do something a little special for everyone.

Why not show PR some love? It’s my profession after all. I put just as much hard work and passion into my job as some of my relationships. So here are my top ten reasons why I love PR.

  1. Things never get old.
  2. I’m constantly learning.
  3. My job is to interact with people.
  4. I am obsessed with social media. I get to use it daily.
  5. I have a huge impact on a company’s success
  6. Every successful campaign is celebration worthy.
  7. Other PR professionals are willing to trade notes.
  8. I’m always on top of current events.
  9. I know things before everyone else does.
  10. PR makes me happy.

Take this day to appreciate everyone and everything in your life.


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