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What’s In and What’s Out in 2014: Social Media Edition

As the new year begins, it’s out with the old and in with the new. This doesn’t just mean your closet. It also means the professional world. Everyone is constantly trying to find ways to get ahead of the competition, so marketing trends evolve over time. Social media has been a significant piece of marketing over the past few years. This year is going to bring major changes for social media connoisseurs and their clients.

My Social Media Trend Predictions for 2014

  1. Social media tracking
    Over the past few years, I have used a wide array of methods to track my social media metrics. (Google alerts, followers, link clicks, interaction, ect). In 2014, I predict more customization tools for social media pros to use specifically for their clients. It’s about time…YAY! This is due to the increasing role of social media in business marketing plans.
  2. Facebook activity will continue to decline
    Why? No one can figure out why exactly, yet. But, I believe that Facebook is shifting to an older audience. The younger demographic is losing interest due to their parents joining Facebook, the competitive job market (they don’t want their future employers to see their keg photos) , and devoting their time to other various social media networks.
  3. More videos
    Videos are being integrated in marketing, and now, they are taking the place of written content. Pictures are worth a million words, so I guess a video is worth even more.
  4. Free social media marketing is over
    Most major social media platforms (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, ect.) are focusing on producing income instead of increasing membership. This will lead to companies having to pay in order to reach their fans/customers. Start saving for a bigger social media budget.

Demographic changes, costly social media marketing, video integration…there will be dramatic changes in social media this year. However, instead of making our jobs easier, I believe it’s going to make them even more challenging.

What are your predictions for 2014?


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