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Lady Gaga at the AMA’s: Classy or Not Classy?

During last night’s 2013 American Music Awards, Lady Gaga (Secretary) and R. Kelly (The President) performed to the song “Do What U Want” with  a White House scandal theme. At first, it seemed like the usual entertaining Lady Gaga performance…

Until I realized that they were portraying JFK and Marilyn Monroe. Not good.

This past Saturday marked the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination. Was Lady Gaga’s performance just emulating a piece of history or disrespecting JFK’s memory?

My opinion. Not classy. It was the day after the 50th Anniversary of a major tragedy in America! Even though JFK allegedly had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, it does not make is ok to theme a performance after the affair the day after JFK’s assassination. This was not only disrespectful to the Kennedy family, but to the American’s that are still morning the death of this historic president. JFK’s death had a major impact on America. It was the American Music Awards…

With that said, Lady Gaga would have been able to get away with this performance if it was during a different time of the year.  Even though the performance was offensive, it isn’t going to hurt her image. Most of her fan base is a generation that doesn’t have a complete understanding of the significance of JFK’s assassination. Plus, she has a HUGE fan base outside of America.

What are your thoughts? Classy or not classy? How do you think it will affect her image?


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