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Resignation Letters & Good Byes

Hello PR Peeps! Long time, no see! Recently, my fiancée received orders from the Air Force to report to Columbus, MS on May 8. After a long discussion, we decided that it would be best for me to go with him.

With these circumstances, I would have to resign from my job in Auburn. There comes a point in everyone’s life when you need to resign from a job. So, I wanted to write about the appropriate way to resign, so you can leave on good terms with your clients, company, boss, and  co-workers.

  1. Write a Resignation Letter
    It’s important to have a letter prepared before you announce your resignation. A letter makes it more official, and most companies prefer to have your resignation documented. I referenced Lindsay Olson’s How to Write a Resignation Letter before writing my resignation letter.
    Dear Mrs. Jane Doe,I am writing to formally notify you that I am resigning from my position as a Marketing Consultant with Tiger Communications due to relocating to Columbus, MS.

    My last day of employment will be Thursday, April 25, 2012. . I will do my best to have a seamless transition. I will report the status of my current and prospective clients to help tie up loose ends. Please feel free to call, if any questions come up.

    I appreciate the opportunities I have been given at Tiger Communications and your professional guidance and support.  You have given me the opportunity to learn more about the broadcasting industry and sales. Thank you for helping gain confidence in the professional world. I wish you and Tiger Communications success in the future.

  2. Tell Your Boss
    It may be hard for some of you, but you need to tell your boss in-person before you inform anyone else.  This will give you an opportunity to discuss expectations and tasks for you to complete over your last few days. Try to give a two-week notice.
  3. Tell Your Co-Workers and Clients
    Spread the word to your co-workers that you’re leaving. Don’t just disappear! That’s sketchy! Next, inform your clients that you are resigning, ensure them that they will be taken care of, and introduce them to their new representative. This will ensure a smooth transition.
  4. The Last Few Days
    The last few days can be a bit awkward. But, try to focus and make sure that all loose ends are tied up. Also, on your last day bring in a treat for everyone! This will give you a chance to kick back and relax before your final good byes. Also, it doesn’t hurt to leave a thank you card!

Resigning from a job can be bittersweet. Remember it’s how you handle the resigning process that will leave you on good terms with your previous employer. Also, you could use another reference!

Have you recently resigned from a job?


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