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PR Crisis: Selena Roberts Auburn Report

Columnist, Selena Roberts released a story on Wednesday, April 3 reporting Auburn issues such as: racism, academic fraud, paying players and the coaching staff getting involved in  police investigations. Most of the interviews that allegedly took place in the article have been denied by many. Where does this leave Auburn? A mess to clean up. A big one!

Damage Control

So far, it seems that only Auburn Athletics have taken a role in the crisis. There hasn’t been any statements released by Auburn University. Auburn Athletics Director Jay Jacobs and former head football coach Gene Chizik have disputed those reports. Jacobs released an open letter to the Auburn family and the press.

As another defense, Auburn Athletics has released emails exchanged by the department and Roberts showcasing that she wasn’t straightforward with her intentions.

This isn’t the first, nor will it be the last time the Auburn Tigers will be accused of having a dirty program. Maybe it’s time for Auburn Athletics to create a PR campaign highlighting the department’s values to help repair their reputation.

Do you feel that Auburn Athletics are handling the crisis effectively? What would you suggest?


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