PR Connections

Consumers Interacting with Brands

Back in the day, consumers had to purchase products in order to experience and form an opinion of a product. Believe it or not, that was the case 2o years ago.

The web and social media has completely changed this concept. Product ownership is no longer the only way for a consumer to experience your brand. The web has enabled consumers to view videos of products, customize products, share their experiences through social media and view/order products online.  That’s just a couple of examples.

Also, from a business standpoint this makes selling your product an easier process. However, you have the challenge of making your brand/product stand out from the competition. The web has allowed consumers to not only experience your product, but other competing products as well.

In the end, the consumers have it good, and business are challenged to come up with creative ways to close the sale with consumers.

Here’s an example of how social media has changed the idea of product ownership.

This is a random post inspired by Brain Solis’ The diffusion of brand, ownership, and experience. Read his article for more insight on this phenomenon.


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