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The PR Perspective: Super Bowl Ad Buzz

I enjoy the game of football, but I always look forward to the Super Bowl commercials. Companies pay millions of dollars to have their commercial aired during the big game, so obviously they are going to be great commercials. Right!?

Super Bowl commercials are always creative, fun, and hilarious. At least, that’s usually the ones that get the most buzz. Doritos, Budweiser, Taco Bell, and Go Daddy commercials have been the most memorable over the past few years because of their commercials’ humor and creativity. But, I think this year was a little different.

Twitter really got buzzing after the Jeep/USO and the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials.

Struck your heart-strings? Maybe shed a tear? Both of these commercials were memorable to viewers because the commercials struck their emotions. These commercials prove that advertising to the heart can work with viewers just as much as humor.

Also, the Oreo Twitter Ad was brilliant. Oreo used an ongoing Super Bowl catastrophe to put themselves in the limelight. And, they were the only ones!

Think out of the box! Nothing has to be funny, or has to be the usual to get the consumer’s attention. What was your favorite Super Bowl ad/commercial?


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