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The Correct Way to Get Consumer Feedback & Attention

I read a series of Public Relations blogs every week. The one blog that I highly recommend reading is Peter Shankman’s. I enjoy his blog entries because they educate me, make me a better Public Relations professional, and they are never boring and repetitive. I would like to share a lesson I learned from his entry called, “What Will Next Year Bring to Our Industry?”

When people want customer feedback and attention, they always focus on asking or convincing customers to write about their business on their social networks. Most of the time, businesses fail to focus on the most important aspect of a customer’s experience: customer service.

“I hope 2013 is the year that marketers finally realize that it’s not about asking customers to share how great you are with their networks, but rather, creating amazing experiences for each customer so they’ll want to promote the business on their own.” — Peter Shankman

Giving your customer the best service and experience possible gives them the motivation and ammo to promote your business freely. The customer’s promotion becomes more “pure” and effective. There’s also a good possibility that they are going to be a repeat customer.

Just something to think about. Don’t focus on the customer’s publicity. Focus on the customer’s experience, so they have the passion to promote your service/business.



One thought on “The Correct Way to Get Consumer Feedback & Attention

  1. I agree that business should focus more on costumer satisfaction more than promoting themselves and using them for PR. However, your argument assumes that costumers respond to good service by actively promoting the service. This maybe true in most situation, but some costumers need that push or opportunity that the companies your arguing against offer.

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