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Finding the Balance Between Being You and Being Discreet

As you enter the professional world, you face the challenge of finding a balance between being you and being discreet. This is very important to recognize because it depicts your professional career and relationships. For example, sharing a common interest with a client could improve your relationship, or sharing your political beliefs could turn some of your coworkers off.

I am true believer that you should always be yourself. The trick to being discreet is being able to tone down certain aspects of your personality or beliefs at the right time with the right person. It’s important to keep this in mind for not only  face-to-face interactions, but for emails, phone calls, and social media. Social media makes it very hard to be discreet because you use it to voice opinions, share information, and to network. However, you should be very careful with what you post because social media can jeopardize your relationship with future clients or a job promotion.

I believe that I am very discreet in the workplace with my coworkers and clients. However,  I sometimes forget about the importance of being discreet on social media. It’s very easy to forget. Finding the balance between being you and being discreet is challenging. It’s something you have to practice until it comes naturally, like intuition.

Do you have a balance?

PR is all about being discreet.

“Our work is all about selecting which stories to tell and which notes to hit with precisely which audiences.”Lindsay Olson

Olson talks more about being discreet in the PR field and its importance. READ.


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