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A New Perspective on Pitching

When I first learned about “pitching,” I was in my Intro to PR class. it was refered to as striking the media’s interest in your client’s product/service/event, or a specific topic involving your client. PR professionals do this through making phone calls, writing press releases, developing relationships within the media, and communicating the importance of the pitch. Something I did not realize was that “pitching” happens within a number of other professions.

I currently work for a group of radio stations as a Marketing Consultant. I “pitch” different radio marketing campaigns to national and local business. AKA: I sell radio advertising. Therefore, I “pitch” all the time. After pitching for more than a month, I have learned a few things.

1. Small Talk is Important
Asking about someone’s well-being will initially put them in a good mood. Show them that you care about them just as much as their possible business. People will respond positively.

2. Make it About “Their Business”
While you are pitching, make sure you point out why you created or brought them that specific pitch. I usually make campaigns based off of their demographic, type of business, upcoming events, and budget.

3. Leave Room for Comment
This is very hard, but after you finish, be silent. Wait until after 30 seconds to say anything. You just went through a lot of information. Leaving a silence will make them feel like they need to comment. This will give you the feedback you need.

4. It Doesn’t Stop There
Whether they say “yes” or “no,” it shouldn’t end there. If they say “yes,” send them a Thank You card, and visit frequently to show that you are dedicated to making their business better. Visiting will also keep you up to date with your client and their business. If they say no, visit frequently anyways. This allows you to continue building a relationship with a potential client.

These are just a few pitching tips I have picked up along the way. What tips do you have?


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