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Run an Effective Meeting

Meetings! Meetings! Meetings! It seems like that’s all we have in school, but it doesn’t in there. Meetings are a part of the professional world. It never ends! Meetings can be a “waste of time” and “too long.” But, never fear. I have some tips on how to make meetings short, efficient, and productive.

1.    Start on time.
Nothing is more annoying than a meeting starting 15 minutes after the scheduled time. Many people arrive early in order for the meeting to start on time. It is disrespectful to make them wait longer because others failed to arrive on time. Lock the door to the meeting room if you can after the meeting is scheduled to start.

2. Why do you need a meeting?
Before you schedule a meeting, make sure you need one.

3. Always create an agenda. Stick to it!
Letting participants know why they are attending, what will happen at the meeting, and your projected meeting duration will put them more at ease during the entire of the meeting. Don’t waste their time by bringing up issues that are not listed on the agenda.

4. Be clear.
Make your meeting accomplishments clear to the attendees. Tell them your expectations in order to accomplish your meeting goals.

5.    Start with the important stuff
Start with the most important topic first. This will help lessen the amount of latecomers. No one wants to miss the important details, so more people are likely to arrive on time.

6.    No electronics
This is extremely hard for public relations professions, but this is a necessary rule. Banning cell phones, iPods, and laptops unless needed will lessen the amount of distractions.

7.    Sent a summary email
Send an email that briefly reviews the topics of the meetings. This will remind people what was discussed, and clue people in that were not present in the company’s meeting.

These tips can be used for work and school meetings. Remember, time is of the essence. It is valuable to everyone! Make it worth everyone’s time. For more of these tips, visit here.


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