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Show PR Some Love

Public relations is a very stressful profession. But, have you stopped and thought about why you love it so much? Don’t worry about thinking about it. I am about to tell you. I thought it was time to show PR some love. After all, the world would be in turmoil without it.

  1. PR professionals are social butterflies.
  2. Public relations jobs consistently rank as top careers in  polls.
  3. You can show off your great ideas and people like it!
  4. PR is never boring. Everyday is different.
  5. PR  professionals are becoming leaders in business and marketing strategies.
  6. You never stop learning in the PR professional.
  7. PERKS! From getting free enterance into the best events, traveling, and sampling new products.
  8. Your job MEANS something. You help raise awareness, educate others about issues, and help raise funding.
  9. Most people think you attend parties and meet celebrities for a living.
  10. You can multitask.

Those are just a few reasons. Everyone has their own reasons of why they chose the public relations profession. The best part about public relations is that your skills can be appled to any industry which allows you to merge your personal interests in your professional career. That’s why we are some of the most passionate professionals. And, that’s why we love PR!


Information from 10 things to love about public relations and 33 (more) signs you work in PR


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