PR Connections

Marketing with Pinterest

Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest! It’s the hot new social media network! Pinterest is the fastest growing platform with it’s visual based network. Users can search for item by category, keywords, and through the boards they follow. We know it’s growing in popularity, but how does it affect marketing techniques?

Pinterest is perfect for Indirect Marketing. Indirect Marketing involves drawing the customer to the point of sale. Pinterest is effective for several reasons.

Pin Your Products
You can create boards with specific products that serve a specific purpose. For example, a clothing company could post dresses on one board and shoes on another board. Businesses can also further customize their boards for different audiences. For example, a car company can create a board specifically for families through posting family vehicles.

Ask Your Customers to Pin
Contests asking for your customers to pin a picture of them using your product is a great way to market your company. This not only gets your customers involved but the picture markets your company effectively because each picture views your product in a different context. Not to mention the number of repins it will probably get!

Pin Some Videos
If your company posts YouTube videos, podcasts, or tutorials, Pinterest is a great place to pin and share that content. It also gives your company more exposure.

These are some tips that I learned through a sproutinsights post. Feel free to read more to get a better understanding of the marketing opportunities that Pinterest offers.


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