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Get Ready for a Virtual Job Interview

A few weeks ago, I participated in a virtual interview. I was stoked! That meant that I could do the interview in the comfort of my home. Thanks to technology! I wouldn’t even have to  dress professionally past my waist. Also, I wouldn’t have to worry about taking off my red nail polish off of my fingers. Little did I know, there is much more to it!

After reading How to Handle a Virtual Job Interview, I feel much more prepared for my next virtual interview. Lindsay Olson mentioned a couple tips that I felt I could have used in my last virtual interview.

Dress Professionally for the Camera: Keep in mind that you look a little different in the camera than in real life. Patterns and colors may appear differently, so try to stick with plain colors. You tend to look washed out on the camera, so wear a little extra make up and wear colors that compliment your skin tone.Also, fully dress in professional wear even if they can only see above your waist.Wearing a complete professional outfit generally makes you feel more professional during the interview process.

Don’t be Distracted: Keep animals, cellphones, roommates, and children in a different room during your interview. Having a slight distraction can kill your interview. Also, keep in mind of what is being viewed on the camera. A messy room or a heavily decorated wall can distract you or your interviewer.

Look at the Camera. It’s really hard to not look at your moniter while you are on a webcam. You want to see the face of the interviewer as you conduct your answer, and you want to see how you look to them. However, the interviewer just sees that you are looking away and not at the webcam. Looking directly in the webcam will give the interviewer eye contact with you.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind during your first virtual interview.Good luck!


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