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Be Reputable with Public Relations

Reputable [rep-yuh-tuh-buhl]: having a good reputation. Also associated with the words: honorable, respectable, and trustworthy.

This is a trait that all companies strive to uphold through their customer service and company image.

According to the 13th annual Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, the top five companies for 2012 are: (1) Apple, (2) Google, (3) Coca-Cola, (4), (5) Kraft Foods.

The top three are the most predictable. They are global organizations that focus on innovation, leadership, and the satisfaction of their customers. All three companies strive to provide a reliable and satisfactory service that is available to anyone in the world.

These companies are rated through their social responsibility, appeal, performance, products and services, leadership, and workplace.

What can we learn from this? Public relations is an important asset of a reputable company. The companies appeal, performance, leadership, and workplace environment relies heavily on the public relations department. In order to be a successful company, you need strong public relations professionals.

That’s why we rule the world!

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