PR Connections

Dining for Dummies

I had the pleasure of attending Georgia Southern’s Career Services’ Dining for Success program. This program allows current students to meet prospective employers while learning cocktail and dinner etiquette.

We started the evening off with a presentation created by the Wells Fargo recruiting staff regarding professional dress, etiquette, and networking skills. Afterwards, we attended a Mocktail where we could practice sipping on a drink while socializing with prospective employers. I practiced great Mocktail etiquette by not finishing my Shirley Temple by the end of the session.

Everyone walked into the dining room for dinner that evening. Lydia Ramsey led the workshop using rules and guidelines from her books. Even though I was familiar with proper dinner etiquette, her knowledge was very useful. After going through each course (soup, salad, main course, dessert, coffee), Ramsey opened the floor for students to ask specific questions. Students asked about having food in their teeth, dropping things on the ground, where to put your purse, ect.

I would recommend everyone to take an etiquette class even if you feel comfortable with your skills. The workshop was very useful and reminded me of little things that I have forgotten. If you are a public relations student, you may have to set a table for a party, or eat dinner with a prospective client. This workshop is vital for the PR professional. Take the workshop now, so your can shine in the professional world!



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