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4 Traits of a Successful Leader: A PR Spin

A few weeks ago, I ran into an article called 4 Traits of Great Leaders. I have a general interest in leadership, but I felt like this article related to the PR profession as well.


“Great leaders aspire to reach beyond that which convention says is possible.”

PR Spin: Leaders are people who look beyond what they have been doing. They look for different ways to better themselves and what they represent (their client). The only way to better your client and their image is to aspire to do more than what has been done before.

“Aspire to greatness.”


“But to achieve greatness you must also have a plan. Aspiration without a plan is simply a dream. What materializes the aspiration into reality is the plan.”

PR Spin: In the PR world, we call this research and campaign building. In order to reach that goal, we need to prepare a plan that will help us get there.

“Have a plan.”


“But before you can execute the plan you must inspire those around you that they can achieve by following the plan. You must inspire them to achieve the aspiration through the plan.”

PR Spin: Get other people involved besides you. The more people involved, the more man power, and then there is more of a chance that this plan will be implemented.

“Inspire those who will act on the plan.”


“You must aspire to greatness. You must plan the path to get there. You must inspire to achieve the aspiration. But ultimately you have to execute the plan to reach your goal.”

PR Spin: After the planning the goal, creating a plan, and getting the help you need, it is time to implement your plan (campaign).

In the End

These are the 4 traits of a great leader and 4 traits of a successful PR professional. Do you see the connection?

“Aspire. Plan. Inspire. Execute. Achieve your greatness.”


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