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McDonald’s Campaign Goes Wrong

McDonald’s created a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #MeetTheFarmers. The purpose of the campaign was to focus on the brand’s guarantee of fresh produce. The company used the hashtag #McDstories along with the #MeetTheFarmers hashtag in a tweet regarding a McDonald’s potato supplier. According to Business Insider, the twitter campaign backfired when many users started using the hashtag #McDStories in a negative connotation.

“Ordered a McDouble, something in the damn thing chipped my molar. #McDStories”

“#McDStories I lost 50lbs in 6 months after I quit working and eating at Mcdonalds.”

After the hashtag didn’t go as planned, McDonald’s quickly pulled it. The number of conversations dropped immensely, but many Twitter users are still using it today.

What does this teach us? Prepare for any scenario because any promotion/campaign can go wrong. Also, research is a valuable aspect in building an effective campaign.


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