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PR Crisis Managment in the News

Crisis Management has been in my mind for the past few days. Why? Lately, there have been numerous scandals and negative images about several people and organizations in the news. This is important because it is up to Public Relations to save the day. Crisis Management is an important aspect of Public Relations that may be needed at any moment by your client. It is our job to repair the broken images and make the public forget about these scandals. But how? Here are some current situations that we can learn from.

Herman Cain
Four women have claimed to have been sexually harassed by Cain, while running the National Restaurant Association. Cain seemed surprised by these allegations and attacked the character of the latest woman’s accusations. Herman Cain was a top candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential race. Will Cain still keep his confidence? Will this hurt his campaign? Will this negatively affect women’s attitudes toward his candidacy? Will this ruin his chances of running for president? The Republican presidential debate tonight in Michigan might determine some of these questions.

Justin Bieber
Is Bieber a daddy? Mariah Yeater came out to the public a couple weeks ago saying that she is suing Justin Bieber for not acknowledging his parental duties. (Aka: Money) Yeater claims that they had unprotected sex after one of his concerts. It took a few days for Bieber to respond. He denied the allegations and agreed to the paternity test. Currently, it hasn’t affect his image drastically, but if he is proven to be the father of the baby, will it hurt his image?

Penn State
Jerry Sandusky,one of college football’s well-respected assistant coaches, was accused of abusing eight boys from the “Success With Honor” model program. As a result, Penn State Coach Joe Paterno announced his retirement earlier today. This situation may affect more than Penn State University. The NCAA image may also be tarnished in some way. Will more details come out affecting the university’s image? Are there more people involved?

Looks like you can have beauty and brains. Juliette Kimoto, also known as Mrs. Nevada,  was accused of making millions out of unsuspecting consumers. Her ex-husband sat in  prison for the scam and made a deal with authorities.  Kimoto is a devout Mormon and mother of six. She has agreed to return $220,000 in  cash and assets in the settlement agreement for illegally selling diet pills and bogus financial services to people. This event puts negative attention toward Kimoto, Nevada, and the Beauty Pageant business. Will more come from this? Has this affected people’s opinion about beauty pageants?

In all these situations, Crisis Management is needed in order to protect the images and reputations of these people and the businesses that affiliate with them. What would the world do without Public Relations?


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