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Let’s Go To The Movies!

Recently, one of my professors posted about Public Relations movies on their blog. Movies can be fictional or based on a true story. Either way, I think we can learn something from all of them.Below I listed a few movies that I found on  PRactical Issues and Business Insider  that you can use to educate yourself  more about Public Relations. I might have also added a few of my own.

  1. Sex in the City
  2. The Devil Wears Prada
  3. Jerry Maguire
  4. Thank You For Smoking
  5. The Social Network
  6. Jersey Girl
  7. The Candidate

Out of these seven, my favorite movies are Jerry Maguire and Jersey Girl. Jerry Maguire features Tom Cruise (Jerry) as a top sports publicist for successful sports management company. Later, he  is fired for having a nervous breakdown. Jerry is left with only one loyal client. The movie focuses on his struggle to stay in the business. Don’t worry! There is a happy ending. Ben Affleck (Oliver) stars in Jersey Girl as a single widower that has a newborn child. This movie features a hilarious breakdown during a press conference, when Oliver  insults Will Smith in front of the press. This is a heart-warming story that shows his challenge to bounce back from this crisis.

Take a Sunday to enjoy one of these flicks. You’re being productive by watching a movie that relates to Public Relations. Can’t beat that!


One thought on “Let’s Go To The Movies!

  1. I thought thank you for smoking is a brilliant film. Really depicts PR and makes working in that type of industry quite interesting.

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