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Give Your PR Skills A Boost

In order to get a job in this economy, you need to enhance your skills as much as possible. Lindsay Olson’s 7 Resources to Beef Up Your Public Relations Skills gave me some tips on how to give my skills the boost they need. I chose the resources that I feel have helped me the most.

1. Press Releases
If you haven’t written a ton of press releases, it helps to read them online. Check out sites like Google’s News feed to get some guidance on formatting and writing techniques. Even though I have written a good amount of press releases, I still use resources to help me improve my writing.

2. Volunteer
This not only beefs up your resume, but volunteering can help you break into the PR field. It is easy to volunteer for a charity or nonprofit. That experience can give you a chance to see the non-profit business and get some real practice. This experience can give you some references, or maybe just lead to your first job!

3. Intern
In the PR field, we  all have to start at the bottom and work our way up. An internship can give you a chance to build your portfolio and references. Let your employer know the  skills you are interested in building. Usually, they will challenge you in that area and help you change your weakness into a strength.

4. Hang with PR Pros on Twitter
On Twitter, there’s a ton of groups for public relations enthusiasts, like:

You can also follow @MarkRaganCEO and @PRNews. They continually post PR articles about various topics and keep you updated about the industry.

That is my commentary on some of the resources listed in Lindsay Olson’s 7 Resources to Beef Up Your Public Relations Skills. It is competitive out there! Time to beef up those skills, and get ready for the obstacles ahead!


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