PR Connections

PR Tips for the Professional

I have recently started reading a blog called nyc PR girls. In this blog, you can find various tips about the PR World. You can find anything from living in the city, typical professional tips, and daily beauty tips. The most recent post called PR Twitter Tips caught my eye. In this post, there were typical tips, but a few that were unique.

Sometimes PR is a thankless job. So do it for yourself. This is something that every PR professional needs to know. When you put passion and hours into a campaign, research project, event, or presentation, you don’t always receive a thank you. Sometimes this can be discouraging. Instead, focus on the personal satisfaction of completing the job in the best way possible. Reward yourself. Don’t depend on others to reward you.

Always look your best! You never know who you’ll meet or what the day will bring. I know that Nike shorts and  t-shirts are comfortable, but sometimes you can run into potential employers. I have met most of my networking connections/future employers through unexpected meetings. Remember to carry business cards too!

Public Relations truly is establishing & maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. Never burn bridges! Sometimes you may want to speak your mind, but it usually isn’t a good idea. Take at least ten seconds to process the situation before speaking. High pressure situations can cause you to react irrational. Always make an effort to meet new people and make connections. You never know who knows who and where.

That’s my Public Relations wisdom for the day!


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