PR Connections

PR Inspiration For The Soul

I know this is sort of ironic. I found all of these things on Tumblr, and I am sharing them on WordPress. But, I can’t help that I am a well rounded Social Media Enthusiast.

To begin this facinating journey, I included a list of How You Know Public Relations Is Right For You along with my personal comments.

  1. Writing doesn’t bother you, in fact, it’s fun!
  2. Breaking news? You’re the first of all your friends to know. <—- Usually, unless my PR roommates beat me. I hate defeat.
  3. You’re borderline obsessed with social media. <—– I got Facebook, Twitter, Weebly, Tumblr, and WordPress.
  4. You enjoy being busy and are multi-tasking, all the time. <—— Currently watching NCIS, texting, writing a memo, and eating.
  5. Communicating with people all day is enjoyable. <—– I love socializing!
  6. Work on the weekends? Totally fine. <—– Not ok to me.
  7. Rejection happens, but you don’t take no for an answer.
  8. You work well under pressure and stay organized. <—– Most of the time.
  9. Planning and attending events has always been a dream.  <—— Yea, that’s me!
  10. Being on the computer all day doesn’t bother you and your smartphone never leaves your side. Ever.

Next, enjoy a historical infographic that explains The Histrory: Top PR Campaigns. I got this just for you history buffs. You know who you are.

And now for the girly things… Sorry guys! Here are the Do’s and Don’ts for PR Girls.

PR Girl Do’s

  • Do offer a helping hand when a colleague is swamped
  • Do go to coffee/lunch/froyo every day, and offer your fellow PR girls a chance to get out of the office
  • Do spend your paycheck on acquiring a classic PR girl wardrobe.
  • Do feel okay to take some swag if your client offers it, and use it!
  • Do master the art of a perfectly formed gift bag, tissue paper and all
  • Do brag about how fabulous your client is to your friends (hey, word-of-mouth is still PR)
  • Do use your awesome daily experiences in public relations as a way to pick up guys  (well we just did this event at Chelsea Piers with Derek Jeter…)
  • Always do ask questions, but make sure you’ve thought it through on your own first
  • Do show off your creativity and style, even as an intern. Own it!
  • Do love your job

PR Girl Don’ts

  • Don’t dress up like you’re going to the club/dive bar/beach/ballgame for work, even if that’s your favorite style (leggings are not pants. Try a disco ball necklace!)
  • Don’t take a PR career as a chance for you to finally indulge in gossip.  Karma still exists
  • Though you may think you’re in a position to, don’t turn your nose up at composing media mailers and gift bags.  No, you didn’t go to college for this, but you will always have one to do
  • Do go to drinks with your superiors (great bonding experience), but don’ttake that as an invitation to get wasted on their dime.  PR girls naturally like to drink, but they don’t like to see you drunk
  • Don’t send an email to a client without re-re-reading it, aloud
  • Successful PR girls don’t whine.  If you have to cry, go outside
  • Don’t settle for your position.  Always work at the level above yours.

I keep finding more, but these are the best ones. Most of the time, I have to resist reblogging them. There is one thing I know for sure… if you love PR you know it. Come back next week for another weekly undate in the PR world!



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