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Freaking Out About Finding A Job Before Graduation?

Even though graduation is eight months away, I am scared to death that I will not find a job. No one wants to move back in with their parents. It is like moving backwards instead forward with your life. Over the past week, I have heard a lot of my colleagues talking about the same thing. Freaking out about finding a job. I decided that I would conduct a little research and to figure out some ways to prepare for the job search ahead of me.

Clean Up
First, you need to clean up your presence on the internet. According to Business Insider, 22% of employers check your Facebook when they are considering you as an employee candidate. Delete or Untag any inappropriate photos, status’, tweets, comments, ect. Make sure you have an appropriate email for potential employers to contact you. Don’t use your school email because you will no longer use it after you graduate. Create an email account specific to job searching. Usually, people use their name as their email address, so it is easy for employers to remember.

Improve Your Skills
All schools usually have a Career Center. Utilize their services! Most of the time it is free to students. It is important to go on a Mock Interview, go for  a Resume Critic, and attend a Cover Letter Writing workshop. These will help you prepare for the basics when it comes to searching for jobs.

Get Experience
It doesn’t matter whether it is paid or not. No matter what, do whatever you can to get experience. Any experience through internships, jobs, or student organizations will benefit you. You are competing against everyone. You have to make a case that you’re the right choice. If you have more experience than everyone else, you will be the right choice.

Start Looking
When you have free time, start looking. I have no idea what kind of job I want, so I just randomly search for jobs to get ideas. Start a list on paper or on a white board with job ideas. This will make your search easier if you know what direction you’re going in. Explore different companies or job sites just to see what kinds of jobs are out there.

Be Everywhere
Different employers use different resources to find employees, so it is important to have a presence anywhere you can. Here is a list of sites that you can use to find employers, and to help employers find you!

Be Unique
You need to set yourself apart during the job search process. There are several ways you can do this.

  • Design your own business card (Showcases your design skills and gives them your contact information)
  • Include your social media information (Only if it is appropriate. If they see you have a blog or twitter, they can see some of your work, and this may show them that you pay attention to what is going on in the world.)
  • Create a blog that specifically showcases some of your portfolio (This can entice employers to find out more about you. I use weebly –>
  • Thank you cards (You can send these to people who help you with your job search, or employers after an interview)

Bad Employment Rates- Your Questions About Job Searching Answered


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