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Getting Back Into The Groove of Things

Even though I am entering my third week in school, I am still having a hard time getting back into the groove of things. It didn’t help having a long Labor Day weekend. In order to motivate myself, I decided to look up some ways to motivate myself as well as others.

Eat breakfast.
Some people want to sleep in until the very last second or just happen to be running late, but try not to totally ditch on breakfast. Getting something in your stomach to start that day makes you feel better. Plus, it is healthier. People who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight.

Remember Your Not The Only One
You are not alone. Everyone feels a bit overwhelmed. When you’re trying to catch up, your colleagues might cut you a little slack on response times.

Everything will seem urgent.
When we get back, everything seems urgent. We always get used to managing to-do lists, deadlines, and balancing priorities. Don’t burn yourself out during the first few weeks back. You still have the rest of the semester to worry about.

You can always take a little break.
Make time for a short walk, a couple minutes outside, a quick coffee run, or going to the gym. Anything that will get your mind off work for a few minutes. The best way to not feel overwhelmed is to take a break from the pressure.

Give Yourself Rewards
Let’s face it. We like incentives, and we perform better with incentives. Give yourself a little motivation throughout the week with little rewards. For example, go to Happy Hour with friends, or buy a new outfit for work.

Get in the Zone
You perform better when you get in the zone. The challenge is getting into the zone. First, take some deep breathes. Focus on the task ahead. Second, think about the steps you need to take in order to complete the task. Brainstorm. Then, your ready to get into the zone.


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