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Resume Rules You Can Break

As I enter my senior year in college, it is getting to that time to apply for jobs. Just like most college students (I hope) I have went through a Mock Interview, and I have received numerous resume critiques.

Even though the resume critiques were very informative, I started to get confused about some of the “Resume Rules.” I was told to do some things that others told to me not to do when it comes to my resume. So, I decided that I would list some rules that I have broken. With my unruly resume, I received an internship, a job that gives me professional experience, and a scholarship, so I think it has worked out for me so far.

1. Your Resume Should Only Be One Page

I currently have a two page resume. Don’t worry, all the information I included in my resume pertains to my professional experience. It is acceptable to have more than a one page resume, IF AND ONLY IF all the information pertains to the professional experience needed for the jobs you are applying for. I wouldn’t go to three pages though…

2. Your Resume Should Be Plain With No Design

I also disagree with this rule. At the top of my resume, I include my address along with some other information across the top horizontally. To separate each piece of information, I included a decorative bullet point instead of a plain circle bullet point. It is ok to add some little things like this on your resume. It makes it original and refreshing to a perspective employer when they look over hundreds of applications. DO NOT GO OVERBOARD. Aka: Don’t be obnoxious!

3. Don’t Include Social Media Information In Your Resume

Only break this rule if you have nothing inappropriate for perspective employers. If you include your blog, Twitter username, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets, this shows numerous positive things to your employer. First, your experienced with several social media outlets. Next, they can look at your writing, recommendations, and your interests. Usually, employers can tell if you keep up with the industry through what you post on social media. It is a good way to impress and show employers that you are educated about the industry and keep up current events.

Check Out My Resume

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