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Earthquakes Shake Up Social Media

It seems like the end of the world is near with all these earthquakes and hurricanes. In the middle of this thought, I read an article on PRDaily about how people are using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to learn more about these natural occurrences.

The U.S. Geological Survey started communicating with the public using social media. They are using social media as a source of crowdsourcing data. After the earthquakes, they ask who felt the earthquake. They received a overwhelming amount of responses from over 100,000 people from various area codes. The company also hired geologists, so they could be source for those that had questions about the earthquakes. This just proves that there a numerous ways to utilize social media.

What I learned from this article?

  • Social media, such as Facebook, is being used as a research tool because of the various audiences you can reach.
  • Within minutes, you can find out what is currently occurring in a specific area. News can travel faster.
  • People can learn more about a specific topic/current event by connecting with professionals in that expertise.
  • You can use social media to teach others about your cause or what your purpose is as a business.

Social media gives us the ability to connect with anyone anywhere. We can find out about the earthquake in Washington DC instantly, or find out that Snooki is currently in Savannah, Ga. There are no secrets you can keep from social media. Keep that in mind 😉


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