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Google Plus: Is it worth it?

I remember when Twitter first started. I signed up, and I had no desire to sign in a second time. I thought that it was just another pointless social network. One year later, I started using Twitter on a regular basis.

Google + launched earlier this summer as a new social network focusing on online sharing. When I first signed on to the network, I had no desire to log on again. But, I decided that instead of dismissing something that I may enjoy, I should research more about it.

Breaking It Down


The idea of Circles are simular to your Facebook friends. Except when you “friend” someone, you add them to one of your circles.


Simular to the Facebook status, the stream is where you can enter a status update or use icons to upload and share photo and videos.

+1 Button

When you search for things on Google, you will begin to notice that there is a button on the bottom of the link.  Anything you like within Google+ can be +1′d, in the way that anything you like on Facebook can be liked with Facebook Like buttons. However, this can not be seen by the people in your Circle.


Do you have an issue trying to figure out what to share? Google Sparks solves that issue. Google Sparks lets you follow topics of interest. You can search for suggestions or set up your own keyword-based searches. Then when you select a “Sparks” link, you’ll get a feed of search results that you might wish to share.


Serving as a way to chat with others, Google Plus has a Hangout video chat feature. With Hangouts, up to 10 people at a time can all interact through video.


This is a group text chat service on Google Plus.

A Public Relations View on Google Plus

Google Plus has various tools that can help a Public Relations professional. When it comes to social networking, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress are some of  biggest tools that Public Relations firms use today to track their target markets, and get the word out. Google Plus can be added to the list for these uses.


You can use the network to moniter brand references and other mentions.  Right now, monitering isn’t that easy. You can’t just search using keywords.


Google Plus gives you the ability to reach a defined audience. For example, on other social networks, some choose to connect with your product for coupons, or just because they liked a picture. On Google Plus, people are interested in your product becuase they chose that interest. You can create circles separating different consumers based on a specific characteristic from their Google profile.

Company Presence

 Google Plus doesn’t limit profiles to individuals. Just about anybody or anything can have a Google profile, which allows them to have a Google+ presence.

These are just a few of the opportunities found on Google Plus. If you would like to learn about more Public Relations opportunities linked to Google Plus, look at this article on PR Daily. Even though there are advantages with using Google Plus, it is unclear if it will reach it’s potential. It is very simular with Facebook, and there are not enough users to make it’s use very effective. Even though I am signed on to the network, I am still trying to grasp the concept with very few people in my circle. I don’t plan on using it much, but you never know. It may take me another year.

Check out this video about Google Plus and Social Networking….. funny!


The PR and marketing implications of Google+ (PR Daily)

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  1. i am trying very very hard to get an invitation from google plus so if any of you you have one please send me an invitation my email is i would high appricate it and very grace ful

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