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An Artsy Internship

I haven’t been able to post anything this summer due to my busy schedule. Between class and my internship, I haven’t had much of a summer. However, that isn’t a bad thing.

As I reflect back on this summer, I have realized how much it has truly benefitted me. Before this summer my experience was limited to media,  event planning, representation, management and recruitment.

Averitt Center for the Arts in Downtown Statesboro

My internship at the Averitt Center for the Arts  gave me experience with photography, social media, writing, design, media advertising, and working with a non-profit. My big projects included an Annual Media Advertising Plan and an Annual Report.

One of the most important aspects for a productive workplace is the attitude of its staff. The staff at the Averitt Center was friendly and enthusiastic. Whenever I seemed to be overwhelmed, they were willing to help.

My internship was a wonderful experience, and I would recommend the Averitt Center as a prospective internship for any student. If you want to get experience, the Averitt Center will keep you busy.

Besides my internship, I learned a few things along the way that I would like to share with everyone. During my internship, I learned about why I was chosen for the internship out of the many qualifying students. Don’t worry… I’ll share my secret!


Before my initial contact with the Averitt Center, I took my resume and cover letter to Georgia Southern University’s Career Services. They critiqued everything for me. Below is a link of my resume.

My Resume

After my resume and cover letter was ready, I sent an email with my cover letter as the body and my resume as an attachment. Two days after I sent the email, I made a follow-up phone call. I was given a time to interview.

Interview Preparation

Get others involved! People think that you should prepare for an interview by looking through the company’s website and social media outlets. They are right, but there is more you can do. I got a group of friends together, and we made a list of things they wished the Averitt Center would offer to the public. When I was organizing my portfolio, I let a classmate look through it and give me comments.


During the interview, I tried to focus on every detail of each question that they asked. It is important to answer the questions correctly. At the end of the interview, they asked if I had anything to say. I told them that I came up a list of ideas to help the Averitt Center. I gave a few of my ideas off of the list. Try not to give them all until your hired. It is also important to ask when they will be making a decision that way you know when you should follow-up.


After the interview, I went in my car and wrote a Thank you card for every person that conducted the interview. I left them with the front desk. When it comes time for them to make a decision, ALWAYS make a follow-up phone call. That’s when I was informed that I got the internship.

I hope that this information was helpful to those that are about to interview and looking for experience before they graduate college. To look at some of my work, feel free to visit my Social Media Resume.


2 thoughts on “An Artsy Internship

  1. Thanks for your kind words, Victoria! You and Jess were great interns – I miss you both very much.

    Since others will hopefully read your blog and the comments, let me tell you that one of the most impressive things about your interview was that you took a good deal of time to prep for it. You had looked online at the Averitt’s website and the Facebook page. You had picked up some of our printed material and read it. You came in with a great resume (PROOF READ people!!!) and looked very professional. AND you came in with ideas that could be used to further the work of the Averitt Center, ideas about reaching your peer group, about classes we could offer, about how the Facebook and website could be used more effectively…

    All in all, as a job candidate, you were hard to beat! If you put that much effort into your future interviews, you’ll be able to write your ticket to the top of your profession in a very short amount of time.

    Also, instead of using the four years of college to attend classes (maybe) and party with your friends, YOU used college as a great way to build your resume. I’ve not seen someone who took advantage of the opportunities offered you throughout all four years. Most people seem to go to college to play around, date a lot, party, and oh, yeah, maybe get an education. When graduation is staring at them in the face, they begin to panic b/c they haven’t once, in four – six years, thought about the steps necessary to become a professional in any field. They don’t have the clothing, the attitude or the work experience to get hired in anything other than the bottom rung on the ladder…. YOU, on the other hand, volunteered and took student jobs learning the business of newspaper and radio, holding leadership positions as a sophomore and junior, giving yourself the freedom, in your senior year, to explore a more real marketing position …

    I am proud to have had you working for me at the Averitt Center. I know you’ll go far! Stay in touch!

    Melinda Roell
    Development Director
    Averitt Center for the Arts
    Statesboro, GA

    • Melinda, thank you for a great experience! I am glad to know that I prepared effectively for my interview. Your feedback has truly encouraged me to keep working hard and learn as much as possible before I graduate. Thank you for reading my post! I hope that you will continue to read my blog in the future. Again, thanks for an unforgettable experience! I wish the best for you and the Averitt Center for the Arts. Don’t worry! I’ll keep in touch!

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