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Obama is Dead? Oh wait…. Osama is dead!

I hope that you have heard that Osama Bin Laden has been confirmed dead by President Obama. As this news broke out late Sunday night, many news networks were rushing to report on the news. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, they may make mistakes. Some of these mistake include mispelling words, names, or even replacing “Osama” with “Obama”.  I present to you some mistakes reported by PR Daily and myself.

1. Fox Mispells “Laden” and “Confirms” (Looks like an intern is fired)

This picture was found on Facebook. Courtesy of Charles Mishew.

2. Obama Bin Laden

3. And lastly a video…..

I understand how there could be a mix up. I mean the names are so simular, but come on! It is horrible to mix up the president’s name with a dead terrorist. Next time, double check with such big news!


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