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Pubic Relations IS the Red-Headed Step-Child

My last blog post talked about myths about Public Relations, and its importance. I found an article that is a follow-up to my blog post called 21 Things Public Relations IS by Jackson Wightman.

My thoughts about these things. I think that most of them are entirely true. Some of them are hilariously true, and the other half is seriously true. I chose the ones that I felt were hilariously true. Besides, we all need to laugh sometimes.

  1. Sometimes plagued by dumb, shallow idiotic spin (and likely always will be).
  2. Overly enamored of buzzwords.
  3. Best conducted by people with high emotional intelligence.
  4. Sometimes prone to taking itself far too seriously.
  5. Misunderstood.
  6. Really happy that social media came along to renew (increase?) its relevancy
  7. In love with conferences. Sometimes ones where nonsense rules the roost.
  8. A profession convinced that it should produce more CEOs.
  9. In need of easy-to-comprehend standards of measurement.
  10. Something oodles of people are passionate about!

My thoughts about each one.

  1. Curse you untrue PR stereotype!
  2. I wouldn’t say I have a mastered PR Buzzword list. I still have a year left in school though.
  3. Emotional Intelligence? Sometimes I make people cry. (Just kidding…sometimes.)
  4. You know you take PR too seriously when you instantly come up of a list of ideas for any place you are considering working for, or even a place that needs serious PR help. I enjoy filling out suggestion box cards. 🙂
  5. Misunderstood all the time. Even by my family! PR is the red-headed step-child of the business world.
  6. Thank goodness for social media! For some reason everyone thinks that is the most important aspect of PR.
  7. I wouldn’t say I love conferences, but I enjoy them.
  8. If businesses had PR CEOs, they would be the most successful businesses today.
  9. What do you expect?  I partly chose this major because I only had to take a semester of math.
  10. I don’t think there is anyway to get away from it. Passion comes with the job.
I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment!

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