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Never Tell Me PR Isn’t Important

When I was reading through some stories on Ragan’s PR Daily, I came across a story that listed Myths about the PR Profession by Laura Lake.

It is true that many people don’t understand Public Relations. When I tell people my major, they say, “Oh, what does that mean?” To be honest, I had to explain Public Relations to my family. Sometimes I get used to the reoccurrence, and sometimes, I feel annoyed.

After reading this article, I decided that this was an opportunity to not only educate people about Public Relations, but for me to educate myself more about my profession as well.

Here are my three favorite myths, and my explanations of why I believe they are not true.

Favorite Myth 1: PR is all about Press Releases and Press Conferences.

If this was true, I would have the easiest job in the world. Public Relations also includes monitoring the reputation and buzz about a specific business or client, keeping the public informed and interested, and using as many tools as possible to reach as many prospective consumers as possible.

Favorite Myth 2: Public Relations Can’t Be Measures and is Therefore Worthless

This one really upsets me. Just because something can’t be measured doesn’t mean it is worthless. Take “Love” as an example. Many people believe that is worth more than many things in the world, but it can’t be measured. Also, let’s think about how the world would be about PR. I wouldn’t know about the Student Leadership Appreciations Dinner tonight, nor would I know about the Statesboro Rodeo coming up this next week. Journalists would have to go more out of their way to find stories, and business CEOs would have to continually deal with the press alongside their other duties.

Favorite Myth 3: Once You Break Through with Publicity, You’re Golden

This is not in the least bit true. People forget. No matter who or what has gotten major publicity. That is why Public Relations is extremely important. Our job is to remind the public why something or someone is important, and to not let them forget it.

If you want to check out some other myths, watch this video.

Have a great week!


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