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Skills Today’s PR Professionals Need!

Something I am learning now, it is rough out there! I am currently interviewing for jobs and internships, and the competition is fierce. I mean they warn us in class, but it really is scary. I get nervous not only in my interviews, but on the phone or when I type an email to prospective employers. I ponder for 15 minutes over what word to use. I don’t want to come across desperate, or that I don’t care about getting the job. I feel like any mistake will instantly take away my chances.

Well, I have some hope. I watched a video on PR Daily today. The video is an interview with Diane Schwartz, senior VP and group publisher for PR News. She talked about some of the skills that they are looking for in graduating seniors. Some of what she listed is the usual skills, but she did list a few more that may be surprising.

  1. Know Your Marketing: Marketing is being integrated in PR.
  2. Communication Skills: Writing, Talking, Listening
  3. Discipline in Workflow: Not just focusing on social media, other audiences are reached in other ways.
  4. Be A Quick Learner

This doesn’t exactly make me less nervous, but at least I am staying informed. PR is constantly changing, so it is important to keep up. As these changes occur, so does the skills needed to be a successful PR professional.


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