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Save Veazey: Putting PR Knowledge to the Test

Recently, there was an announcement that Veazey Hall will no longer house the Communication Arts department after this semester at Georgia Southern University. Instead, the classroom spaces will be used for Graduate Studies. At first this didn’t seem like a big deal until I asked, “So where are we being moved to?”

Communication Art students will be spread all over campus. I will no longer see familiar faces right when I walk through the door. I am going to be lost in the crowd. At least we will have bigger classrooms and better technology, but that isn’t the point.

Instead of just complaining, what are the students supposed to do? And that is where we (PR majors) come in the equation. I am not surprised that it was PR majors who called the Save Veazey Committee meeting, nor am I surprised that mostly PR students attended that meeting.  I think that says something about our professors. I mean we are really wanting to do something.

During the meeting, I noticed that organization of the meeting was very PRish. The first thing we did was learn what we can or cannot do. The second thing we talked about was logos and slogans. We created groups on Facebook to gain support and to help communicate to one another. Within a couple of days of  meetings, people were posting information they got from administration. Next, We wrote down a list of ideas of what we can do to inform students and the administration about how we felt about this. For more ideas, we thought it was necessary to do research on what other schools did in similar situations.

Thinking about this…. I noticed some key things.

  • Research
  • Action
  • Communication

That’s most of the Public Relations R.A.C.E. acronym. Evaluation doesn’t come until later. But, still, look at this! Obviously, we are using our education to accomplish a goal. I just really wanted others to realize this as well. This is a great learning opportunity for all of us to use our PR knowledge to get what the Communication Arts students deserve.

I am not asking for a new building. I am asking for a space dedicated to Communication Arts students, so we can continue to be a community. Most of our education revolves around networking, so community is really important to our department. Graduate Studies is deserving of a space, but we are too. We are learning and taking away a small educational benefit may make our learning efforts suffer.


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