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PR Crisis: Taco Bell

Remember all the reports about Taco Bell’s beef being less than 40% beef? Yea, it seemed like a PR disaster, or did it?

Everytime a restaurant or a celebrity gets negative attention, PR professionals instantly go into Crisis Management Mode (CMM). Afterall, this could ruin the reputation of their company or client.

What if something positive happens?

Taco Bell used Facebook to relieve the negative attention they were getting. Taco Bell offered Facebook users a coupon for a free “beef” taco if they become a fan of their page.  In one week, the fan page had approx. 250,000 more likes.

It looks like you can turn negative attention into a position thing. Taco Bell used social media to turn things around. They not only expanded their fan base, but they rewarded their loyal customers.

Way to go Taco Bell!

Check this article on PR Daily!


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