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Bad Interview Questions to Prepare For

I have been to a couple of job interviews. There has never been a time that I have been caught by surprise by an interview question. Maybe I have been lucky. Well, I guess technically I have only done four job interviews, so that isn’t that impressive. I feel lucky to even have job interview experience. I know people who have never had a job once in their life. This week I will be doing a Mock Interview. Students should really look into doing one before interviewing for jobs and internships. I am technically doing this for my class, but this will definitely help me out when I interview for internships during the summer.

Today, I scanned PR Daily, and I found an awesome article about interview questions called the 6 Crappiest Interview Questions. This article lists the six questions we are least prepared to answer, and also gives a humorous response to each one.

Some examples of the questions are:

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  2. Why do you want to work here?
  3. What’s your greatest weakness?
  4. Tell me about yourself.

Honestly, I think the worst question I have been asked is “What will you do better than the person that was in this position last?” It is such an awkward question to ask especially if that person is in the room as part of the interview. I mean I would love to give some ideas or suggestions, but I don’t want to offend one of the people interviewing me. Also, how would I know if I wasn’t currently working there?

It’s interesting what questions people will ask. Take a look at the article. It is a great way to get some insight on some interview questions, and it will make you laugh.


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