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Violence in Egypt is Scary for Everyone

Over the past week, I have been keeping up with the violence in Egypt. It seemed when Egyptian President Mubarak refused the crowds wishes for him to resign that things got worse.

After reading this article on New York Daily’s website about CNN’s Anderson Cooper, I got very angry. These journalists are risking their lives to inform the world about this major historical event. It upsets me that these few Egyptians are beating them when they are clearly trying to show the world the issue that is surrounding them. It doesn’t matter whether it was Pro-Mubarak supporters, or not. The journalists are not trying to harm anyone. Honestly, I think that if more people saw this kind of stuff they would be more thankful for what they have and maybe be willing to give relief to these sort of situations.

But, take a second and look. Most of these people are fighting for what we have in the United States. Civil Rights. It takes a lot of guts to protest against a government. They are making history.

Look at the photo below. Here are christians protecting Muslims in prayer. Maybe some good things will come from this. People are coming together.

They are holding hands to protect Muslims in prayer.

However, the violence will still continue in Egypt. Hopefully, more people will come together in Egypt to continue to fight for civil rights. It is important  for us (Americans) to take a look at this and realize how lucky we are to have liberty and freedom. It is a learning opportunity for all of us.


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