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Tips for Blog Tots

Top 10 Student Blog Tips

1)      Check for errors.

Always check for spelling or grammar errors. You may not be able to catch them all, but try your best. Errors will distract your reader, and they will no longer be interested in what you have to say.

2)      Make Them Care

Make sure you write about something people will care about. Sure, news releases are boring to write about, but try writing in an angle that will make the audience interested in what you have to say.

3)      Make it Entertaining

Make sure you add media. Videos, pictures, and hyperlinks are great ways to entertain the reader while giving them your message. Adding these things will attract more readers.

4)      Use Social Media

I use Facebook and Twitter to show my blog entries. This is a great way to increase your readership.

5)      Make Catchy Titles

Because I post my blog entries on social media, I need to make sure they have catchy titles, or no one will read more of my entry. I rather read something called “Ups and Downs to Working with Journalists” than “Chapter 10 Notes”.

6)      Time

Make sure you spread your blogs out. People will generally only read one blog entry at a time. Plus, if you make a routine, your returning readers will know when to look for a new entry.

7)      Make it Conversational

When you write in a blog, you have to make it conversational. Talk to your audience like they are right next to you. This will make it easier for them to read, and for you to write.

8)      Quality Matters More Than Quantity

It isn’t how much you write, but it is the quality of the work that is written.  Just make sure that you focus on writing your thoughts other than how much you feel like you need to write.

9)      Look at Others

To get an idea of what blogs are like, look at professional or personal blogs. This way you can see the difference, and get a feel of what blogs are supposed to be like.

10)   Have Fun

It is important to enjoy what you are blogging about. If you aren’t interested in what you’re writing about, then you need to choose a different topic or find a different angle.


6 thoughts on “Tips for Blog Tots

  1. This is a great post for anyone who is a ‘blogger’ to read. You provide some great tips that would help anybody to improve their blog. I definitely agree with number one on your list: check for errors. Nothing is worse than reading a blog post filled with errors. Always proofread your posts before you actually publish them. It is also helpful to type all of your posts in Microsoft Word so that the program can pick up any unseen errors. I also agree with number five on your list: make catchy titles. When you have a good title for a blog post, more people are tempted to read it.

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  3. I love how you have named new bloggers “blog tots.” Your top 10 tips are great for any blogger as well. My favorite tip is Tip #3: “Make it Entertaining.” Adding visuals to your blog can catch the audiences attention and keep them interested. I know I am a visual learner, so seeing a video or a picture will make the information more substantial than simply reading it. Also, by adding links to other sites and blogs you can make it interactive, this also will appeal to visual learners and links can reiterate your message. You have made this post entertaining by providing a video and links throughout!

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  5. A wonderful post for anyone who wants to blog. I love that the title has the word tot in it haha. I agree with all these suggestions as ways to make us better bloggers. If a blog is easy and fun to read its going to generate a better viewership than a blog that’s boring and monotonous.

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