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Social News Release —- The NEW News Release

The internet has changed everything when it comes sharing information. With the increasing nature of social media and sharing information on the web, it became important for news releases to adapt to consumer communication tools. It was important for public relations practitioners to adjust the way the present their message. They need to format and deliver the message to correspond with the audience’s needs.

Using multimedia, Public Relations practitioners can give their message using several methods that way they can serve the needs of various audiences. Also, multimedia and other internet tools make it easier for journalists to write a story.

After the internet took off, people had to make many adjustments including public relations practitioners. Practitioners had to present their message in an effective way. Besides a regular news release, practitioners were beginning to write social media news releases.

A social media news release uses links, multimedia,, and social media to make releases more interesting, reader-friendly and useful.  Some traditional news releases have these characteristics, but social media news releases focus less on the text news.

Social media news release appeal to traditional journalists, bloggers, podcasters, and consumers.

There are several reasons why social news releases are beneficial. They are made with conversational language and can be shared with several audiences. The social media news releases tell an entire story through multimedia, and make a better impression using visual impact.

Social media news releases were created because of the adapting environment and audience. However, with social news releases it made it easier for practitioners to not only reach their direct audience, but for journalists to write about their message.

Here are some sources that talk about Social Media News Releases.

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