PR Classwork

Plan and Execute: Multimedia Storytelling

On NewsU Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling, a student can learn the basics of planning and executing a multimedia story. The course is sectioned in 5 steps. In these five steps, students are given a case study to create a multimedia story on.

In the first step, I learned about choosing a story. I had to find a newsworthy element to report on.

The second step explained the concept of the Storyboard. The course gave me an opportunity to create my own storyboard for my story.

The third step explains how to report with multimedia, and how use can use each aspect of the story effectively

The forth step teaches you how to edit your content for the web. It gave guidelines for each different type of media that you may decide to use on the story.

The fifth step is also the final one. It talks about the flow of the story. Producing the story means that you have to decide what order to present the elements.

Here is an example of a multimedia story by students that work for the George-Anne.

I learned a lot from this course. I learned about the different aspects of planning a multimedia story. After this course, I learned that the storyboard is important to gather and organize your vision for a story. Also, it makes it easier for the reporter, photographer, videographer, and producer to put the story together. It is a team effort.

However, I am surprised that this much work is put into something that may be a two minute story. Journalists really do work hard.

I wanted to see more information or videos with behind the scene footage of actual multimedia teams. I would like to see this in action. I think it would make more sense to me along with going through a step by step process. I feel like this would help me learn more about the multimedia reporting field.


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