PR Classwork

Forms of Communication in Writing

Forms of communication are the main topics of Chapter 14 in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques. I learned about the specifics of email, letters, and proposals.

According to the book, employees check there emails at least 50 times a day. I know I check mine at least 45 times. Email is very cost-effective communication on a global level. However, email can be difficult sometimes because of all the spam.

Letters are used to give or ask for information, to motivate, and to answer complaints. A letter can be used as a written function. Writing a letter allows a writer to get facts in order and develop a persuasive approach and phrase the message to accomplish a purpose.

The purpose of a proposal is to accomplish something. It can be getting management to approve or authorize some important action that will have a long-lasting effect on people. Use a proposal to put an idea in writing because it forces management to make a decision.


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