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Podcasts are the BOMB!

I LOVE Podcasts. Ok, don’t laugh, but this was the first time I have ever listened to podcasts. I actually enjoyed every second. It kind of reminded me of the radio shows I listen to in the morning. I can’t believe I have been deprived of podcasts for so long.

I always thought they would be boring. I mean of course there are some boring ones, but the one I listened to was pretty interesting.

That is the beauty of it. There are numerous podcasts, so you should be able to find one to your liking.

Also, podcasts usually post sort of an agenda or summary of the podcasts that way you can see they layout of the podcasts and you can see. Podcasts are great to listen to for fun, but it can also benefit PR students. There are several podcasts that feature PR practitioners talking about several aspects of the Public Relations field. These aspects can range from Social Media to Crisis Management. Podcasts can really benefit students with some insight of the professional field. Also, you can multitask by listening to podcasts while your surfing the internet or working on homework.

I listened to a blog about Facebook. Facebook has made many changes, but some of these changes may be bad. This podcasts discusses these changes and even mentions their personal use of Facebook. The podcast also answers a listeners question about using blogs for press releases. This podcast kept my attention and really brought some issues to my attention.

I used to think that podcasts were boring. I automatically ruled them out. Don’t make the same mistake as me. Take a chance an listen to one. I promise you will enjoy it. They are easy to listen to. Try listening as your on Facebook or on Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Podcasts are the BOMB!

  1. Hi Victoria, I picked up the link to Inside PR in the body of your post. It’s always a kick to know that our content has interested someone else. That is the beauty of podcasting – people who have an interest in a niche topic can share their thoughts with others who also have that interest – across distance and time. Thank you for having linked to us. It’s what keeps us going.

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  3. I listened to Inside PR too! I did not know about any podcast having to do with Facebook lol. I know that I really enjoy The Creative Career podcasts too so you may want to check that out next time you go looking for a new podcast. I find it awesome that you can just type in a topic that you like and it will pull up all sorts of interesting podcasts, and the best part, they are FREE!

    Well I hope you keep enjoying podcasts I know this class made me like them!

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