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Etiquette You Want THEM to Read

Almost everyone is on Social Media Networks. Aren’t there a few people that just annoy you though? Their status doesn’t make sense, or they blow up your news feed. Whatever may annoy you, there are still numerous people on social networks that annoy others. You obviously want to make sure it isn’t you.

I found an article on 5 Often Forgotten Rules of Social Media Etiquette. This story listed 5 things that people may do or even you may do that annoy social media users. I picked the one I felt like people need to remember the most.

Make sure something you post is valuable. Ok, so I know my blog postings may not be interesting to you, but there are other that read my postings. I think this rule talks about Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is used to spread news or to share something with others. It isn’t a status update. Facebook allows you to update your status. When you decide to do so, I don’t want to know that you’re taking a shower or about to go to bed. These are daily occurrences. Only mention something if it is how you’re feeling or a different occurrence in your life. I don’t need your daily agenda.

Well, I think that is all I will harp on for now!

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