PR Classwork


Chapter 10 talks about Distribution News to the Media in the book Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques. Throughout the chapter, it talks about ways to reach the media and distributing the materials to the media.

PR Practitioners can find contacts through a media database. They plan a year’s content through Editorial Calendars. Another tool that practitioners use is called a tip sheet. This sheet helps people find media personnel who might be interested in his or her material.

There are various ways that practitioners can distribute the information to the media. First, most journalists prefer email, but don’t send them an excessive amount. Having an online newsroom can also be useful for journalists to find more information about your client or give them story ideas. Electronic wire services allow organizations to release numerous press releases and other publicity materials in a timely manner.

Some PR companies have Feature or Photo Placement Firms. They specialize in preparing features or photos with an entire layout to editors. Fax and regular mail isn’t generally used.

Chapter 10 included a lot of information about the process of reaching the media and giving them supplies.


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