PR Classwork


The relationship between Journalists and Practitioners is explained in Chapter 11 of Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques.

Let’s be honest.  Journalists and PR professionals don’t exactly get along all the time. But why?  Chapter 11 sheds some light.

Reporters and editor spend most of their time reviewing information than gathering it. In other words, they depend on practitioners for their news. But don’t forget, Public Relations rely on the media to get the word out.

Most of the friction comes from some PR professionals use excessive hype, or spam by not doing homework. As a result, there has been some name calling. Some journalists say that practitioners manipulate the situation. Some practitioners do not have confidence in reporting sue to mistakes such as misspelled names and incorrect titles. Also, tabloid journalism has some PR professionals on edge for their client.

Even though they have their differences, Journalists and PR professionals have to work together. They do this through Media Interviews, Press Conferences, Previews and Parties, and Editorial Board Meetings. During all these situations, PR practitioners may feel pressure with questions and attitudes toward their message. BUT, NEVER LOSE YOUR COOL!

Remember, your relationship with the media may not be easy, but you need them!


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