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Spice it up!

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information according to Wikipedia.

Infographics are used in maps, research projects, and illustrations of data. Everyone should really consider using infographics to represent their content. People prefer to see visual graphics when it comes to looking at content.

Here is an example of an infographic.

Using one could be very useful to your client. First, it is another way to present it to your audience. Also, don’t forget that most people prefer visual representations of data. Content with visual aid may seem more important than others without it. Also, having visual aids will keep your audience from being intimidated by the amount of words on the page. Infographics can turn any boring story or meeting into a more interesting one. Also, people will understand your data a lot easier in an infographic than in paragraphs.

This is an example of a well detailed and somewhat complicated infographic.

You can create an infographic in a number of ways. You can use any Microsoft Office programs, Adobe InDesign and Illustration, or you can find several infographic creators online. However, infographics can be difficult to make.  Along with collecting data, you have to be creative with your infographic. Not only do you have to worry about design, but you have to choose with infographic to use.

So, if you are ever looking for a way to spice up detailed or boring information from research or a new project try using an infographic. An infographic may make a huge difference in a presentation or to your audience. Remember your audience is the most important aspect of any story or idea you are trying to present to them, so infographics may make the big difference. An infographic will create clarify your overall message.


2 thoughts on “Spice it up!

  1. Victoria, I had never heard of infographics prior to this post. I have seen them in magazines and in particular studies, but I never had an actualy understanding for what they actually were. It is neat to see that this tool can really step up a presentation. I am currently doing research for my Contemporary World Cultures class and plan to use one of these to organize some data, and of course to showcase my newly learned skills. Thanks!

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