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Get on their mind……..

Within Chapter 9 in the book Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques , the section talks about writing for radio and television. I found several interesting things in the chapter. I learned about the effective use of radio and television along with the strategy with product placement.

Radio is a very cost-effective use of publicity. It is heard by various audiences almost anywhere. It sounds easy, but a practitioner has to study each station’s format before submitting material.

Television is a great medium because of its visual element. There are almost more television stations than newspapers.  A practitioner can send a station the same email a pitch, news release, or media advisory that you send to the local print media.  Another approach is producing a video news release.

Example of VNR

Practitioners usually use TV shows and movies to place products in the background. These are used as marketing communications campaigns. It is an excellent way to get product publicity to a large amount of viewers.

Notice the product placement in the movie Taledega Nights.

Using these mediums will allow you to put your client or product on their mind.


2 thoughts on “Get on their mind……..

  1. This is a very interesting post. I sometimes don’t realize how effective TV and radio are until I sit down and read a post like this. So many companies use movies, TV, radio, etc. to advertise their products. I never knew that there are almost more television stations than newspapers. This is a pretty hard concept to grasp when you think about how many states, towns, and cities there are that have their own newspapers. I think it would be very beneficial for any company to advertise on radio, TV, or in the newspaper. By advertising, many people are able to learn about your product , which leads to more potential buyers.

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