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Don’t Be LAME!

Looking through some blogs, sometimes you notice some really useless phrases. Finally, someone has blogged about how these phrases are completely useless. There are ways to avoid writing and saying these LAME lines. THINK! That is the first step. Read through what you write. You will probably realize how dumb these phrases sound. Not only that, but taking this away will make your point clearer. It will also make your writing shorter and straight to the point. I don’t mean to rant. I can see how these phrases seem like they help transition your writing. Take a look at the blog. There are many valid reasons why you should use the phrases.

More useless phrases….


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be LAME!

  1. I wrote about something similar in my blog! After reading this, I am definately going to pay more attention to what I write and say. Some phrases are just dumb, but I have been saying them my whole life! The video on this post is very funny! I know I have seen these phrases on Facebook multiple times. I wish some people could see how posting a pointless comment that nobody really cares about, takes away the respect of the reader.

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