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Look at Site Stats for Insight

The Site Stats on my blog keep up with how many people visit my blog and what they look at. This can be very useful information. As a blogger, you want to know what attracts people to look at what you have to say. You can’t be a successful blogger without an audience. So, it is important to look at your site stats. They can give you insight to your audience’s interest, and what makes them click on your page.

Looking at my site stats, I learned several things about my audience. After putting my blog updates on twitter, my readership doubled. My blogs that had pictures or videos got more attention than my other blogs. I learned that my blog topics also have an impact on the amount of readers I have. If my blog topic could relate to several audiences, then I had much more readership. My headlines were the one aspect of my entries that made a difference to the amount of public attention my blog entry received. The most clever and interesting my headlines appeared, the more people clicked on it.

The site stats can be very useful to PR practitioners. As a practitioner you need to know what your audience is interested it, and what they are looking at the most. If people are looking at blogs about action movies more than comedies, they are more interested in action movies. Site stats can give you information on what your doing right or wrong in your blog. You can find out whether the audience prefers videos over pictures or video over text content. Therefore, practitioners should monitor their company’s blog because it can give them the insight the company needs for product placement or campaigns. Using the site stats on a blog, can be your way to success in the blog industry.


6 thoughts on “Look at Site Stats for Insight

  1. I can’t believe your readership doubled after you put your blog on twitter. I have mine attached to twitter and it did not make much of a difference. I also include many videos and pictures to my blog. I think I need to write about more interesting stuff. I don’t know. Any suggestions?

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  3. I don’t get many hits on my blog either. It’s pretty dull. I have an artistic motif with few pictures. I guess I need to get on that.

    This post clarified how to develop an audience. The close watch on your statistics is a clairvoyant and logical. If that’s a picture of the statistics of your blog, I’m impressed.

    But content is key. I think I just need to spend more time on my blog in general. Thanks for the tips.

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  5. I definitely think the reason your blog gets so much traffic is that you put each post on both your Facebook and Twitter so that everyone can read them. It’s a wonderful idea. Also, your blog is much more interesting than other blogs I read. I looked at my site stats the other day and they pale in comparison to yours. Looking at your blog has made me see how I can improve mine and get as much traffic as you do.

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