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12 thoughts on “GAP got a new look…. NOT!

  1. I think this was definitely a publicity stunt. If you’re not sure, just look at the new logo. What kind of sorry-excuse-for-a-logo is that? The word “Gap” in a boring font followed by a blue square intermingling with the letter “p.” The logo isn’t interesting, unique, or eye-catching. It’s a huge disappointment, and, frankly, quite embarrassing. Then again, I haven’t been very impressed with their clothes selection lately. Perhaps the Gap has taken a turn for the worst.

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  3. This article is very interesting. I actually was disappointed when I heard that Gap was thinking about changing their logo. It is a trademark for the company and every time you see it you always know that is Gap’s logo. Certain logos make the company and when you try and change something about it, it can change how people feel about the company. For instance if McDonald s tried to change their golden arches logo people would be very confused and it could even draw away some customers. In my opinion if you have a logo that works you should stick with it. Sometimes too much change can actually be a bad thing.

    • This is a pretty cool article. I never even hear GAP was changing their logo to a new version. Once I read that, I was appalled. I would think GAP is not even the same. Maybe it is because I am just not used to change, but I could still go with the flow and still buy whatever I would buy whether the logo changed or not. Howevefr, I do believe it was a good look for GAP to go back to the original. Change is happening every where else, it is okay for some businesses and companies to stay the same.

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  5. I definitely saw this as a publicity stunt; I think Gap has almost “died out” over the past few years and they needed to get back out there and hear from their customers. I’m glad they’ve gone back to the original logo, not because I disliked the new one, but it’s so well known by people all over the world already. Like Amy said, it would be as if Mcdonalds got rid of the golden arches; Gap can’t just get rid of the simple/well-known blue square. Well, they can, but I don’t think loyal customers would react well (and clearly they didn’t). Thank you, Gap, for going back to the original logo.

  6. I was also disappointed with the change of the logo. I spent the summer in Paris and I have to admit when I saw the GAP sign I felt right back at home! I have grown up with the original GAP logo and it is imprinted in my brain. Although, I do understand the reasoning behind changing it, It was time for a new look. I don’t think by changing the logo GAP will lose or gain any customers. If anything they will benefit from having their name in the news. -Amber

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  8. I agree that this was definitely a publicity stunt, and as you can see it has gotten us to talk about GAP, so it has obviously worked. I really had not heard much about this until I read your post, but I am glad that the decided to stick with the old logo. It is hard to change something that is so widely known without having some sort of backlash from the public. People like what they know, and in most cases, they don’t like change.

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  10. I agree that sticking with the old logo was a positive choice! I do not like the new logo they were looking at and I don’t think that businesses such as GAP need to change their look. I don’t think that they offered the new logo for a publicity stunt; however, I’m sure they are searching for ways to increase revenue due to the downward shift in the economy. There are certainly other avenues that should be taken to do so because they can’t change their logo!

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